Fayetteville Wild Hog Wrestling

Rules, Scoring, and Matches

Wrestling is based on control of your opponent. Gaining control, exposing the back to the mat, reversing control, or escaping control or some of the ways a wrestler scores in a match.

Match Structure:

Each match begins with timed periods of either 60 or 90 seconds depending on the age of your wrestler. The first period begins with both wrestlers at the “neutral” or standing position.  At the beginning of the second period, one of the wrestlers will win a coin toss and choose to begin the next period on top, bottom, neutral, or defer the choice to the third period.  At the beginning of the third period, the other wrestler gets to choose.  The wrestler with the most points wins the match.  There is one very important exception.  Regardless of score, if one wrestler pins another wrestler’s shoulders to the mat for duration of 2 seconds, the referee will call a “PIN” or “FALL”, ending the match.

Takedown – 2 points – One wrestler takes their opponent to the mat, off their feet, and controls their hips.

Reversal – 2 points – The bottom wrestler reverses his position and becomes the wrestler in control or “on top”.

Escape – 1 point – The bottom wrestler is able to escape the control of the top wrestler, resulting in both wrestlers returning to the neutral position.

Near Fall – 2 points – The top wrestler is able to turn the bottom wrestler and expose his back to the mat past a 90 degree angle and hold for 2 seconds.

Near Fall – 3 points ‐ The top wrestler is able to turn the bottom wrestler and expose his back to the mat past a 90 degree angle and hold for 5 seconds.

Near Fall – 1 extra point – An additional point will be awarded to the near fall criteria if the match is stopped during the near fall due to blood or injury not caused by an illegal move.

Locking hands – The top wrestler may not interlock their hands around the torso of the bottom wrestler while either knee is touching the mat. The top wrestler must have an arm or be working a pinning-combination to be allowed to lock hands. First call will be 1 point for their opponent, second call will be another point, third call will be 2 points, and the fourth will result in disqualification.

Technical Violation – Any move deemed illegal such as a full nelson, scissoring, or figure-fouring the body or head are considered technical violations, and points will be awarded as they are for locking hands or stalling.

Stalling – Wrestling is a sport based on offensive moves, thus both wrestlers will be required to continually work to advance or better their position. If either wrestler stops working to advance, the referee can call the wrestler for stalling. First call will be a warning, second call will be 1 point, third call will be 1 point, the fourth will be 2 points, and fifth will result in disqualification.