Fayetteville Wild Hog Wrestling


Immediate needs:

Your wrestler will need wrestling shoes and headgear (mandatory in Mo.), and a mouthpiece if your child has braces, all of which can be purchased locally or online.  (We recommend Asics, Adidas, or Nike shoes and Asics, Adidas, Brute, or Cliff Keen for the headgear).

 A uniform is required for competition.  Two different uniform options will be available for purchase from the club.  The headgear and shoes will be up to you to find locally or online.  Other non‐essentials include club ordered shirts, sweats, and decals.  Knee pads are optional.  

Recap of immediate needs to begin Wrestling:

1. Annual Membership Dues to Club ($75)

2. Uniform from Club ($40-$75)

3. Annual USA Membership Card (included)

4. Wrestling Shoes ($35-$90)

5. Wrestling Headgear ($20-$40)

6. Turn in Registration and Waivers to club.

Average total investment to begin wrestling = $225. This does not include tournament fees ($15-$20 each), travel, food, or merchandise expenses at tournaments.

Membership Dues:

There are annual membership dues requested as the practices begin in October or soon after. These dues allow the club to pay for each wrestler's USA Wrestling membership card, a club t-shirt for each wrestler, mat tape, scoreboards, club insurance, first aid kits, mat cleaner, and for working capital used to host our annual tournament.   FWHW is a non‐profit entity, and everything we have we owe to our club members, families, sponsors, and other donations. 

USA Wrestling Membership Card:

This is required for any and all tournaments for every wrestler competing. The club will sign your child up for their USA Wrestling card and pay the fee as part of your annual dues. You will receive USA Wrestler magazine with your membership.