Fayetteville Wild Hog Wrestling

About Us


     Fayetteville Wild Hog Wrestling (FWHW) is a non‐profit organization committed to instructing our youth on the sport of Folkstyle Wrestling. Founded by Allen and Andrea Woody, Joe Goddard, and Robert Pendley, we work with kids in grades K through 8 regardless of size, shape, height, or ability.  All are welcome and all can participate.  While our underlying goal is to develop each of our wrestlers into great athletes, we also work to build character, leadership, self-motivation, determination, attitude, and confidence.

      This program also aims to develop the youth wrestlers for the high school level, putting them at a significant advantage competitively over those who wait until their teens to begin training. We are sanctioned and insured by USA Wrestling as a chartered member. 

      Wrestling is rapidly expanding within Arkansas, with over fifty-five high school programs and more than 30 youth programs statewide.  More are added every year.  Our goal is to compete with neighboring powerhouse states such as Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

      If your child does not have a winter sport and you want them to stay in great shape during the offseason, wrestling is perfect for you.  Football, soccer, and baseball coaches love to have wrestlers on their teams.


  • To provide an opportunity for youth in the Northwest Arkansas community to learn and to love wrestling.
  • To provide youth wrestlers with the skillset and opportunities to compete and the skills to be competitive.
  • To instill the disciplines of sportsmanship, determination, persistence, and self‐reliance that characterize the sport of wrestling.
  • To support the Fayetteville High School Wrestling program by preparing its next generation of wrestlers for competition through training and experience that will ensure their success once in high school.
  • To promote the growth of youth wrestling in the Northwest Arkansas community and the state of Arkansas as a whole.


With more than 50 participating kids in our program, email will be the primary form of communication (wildhogwrestling@gmail.com) used by our coaches and booster club. To keep informed on daily updates, it is imperative that you provide a valid email address to receive emails.  Information including, but not limited to, Directions, Fees, Tournament Info, and Important Deadlines will all be sent via email. Feel free to also like us on Facebook at “Fayetteville Wild Hog Wrestling,” where we will post pictures of wrestlers and their meets. We will also post pictures via Instagram @wildhogwrestling.